Who is Silverback Juice Co.?

A Texas based E-Liquid company, Silverback Juice Co offers fruit and dessert flavors in 120ml and 30ml bottles. PMTA acceptance means we're still conquering the world, one bottle at a time!

Who is Barista Brew Co?

Barista Brew Co., based in San Jose, CA, develops high-quality vape e-liquids that caters to the morning breakfast crowd with a range of vibrant and bold coffee flavors.


Who is Phrut Exotix?

From the creators of the PHRUT juice line comes their disposable! Available in a bunch of flavors so you can find your favorite blend plus the PHRUT disposable features approx. 3500 puffs, 850mAh battery, 50mg (5%) nicotine, and 8ml juice capacity. Try the PHRUT disposable today! 

Taste Happiness.

Jubi Bar is a premium synthetic nicotine disposable created to bring great, long lasting flavor you can rely on.